Oss Dutch SBK round

The week between Hengelo and Oss was spend in the garage trying to find the problem with the Kawa. The fuel pump was checked and all wires. Also a new fuelhose placed and the tilt sensor switched. So during the weekend of Whitsunday we were ready again for my home race on the industrial estate circuit of Oss. This track is just 2 kms from my house so really a hometrack. The layout isn’t my favourite with all 90 degrees 1st gear corners. Alot of hard breaking and accelerating.

During practice I found out that the problem was still there. So we opted to remove the Powercommander and quickshifter and ride without all electrical extra’s. That helped since the bike worked perfect. But it robbed me a few seconds, and I ended up 14th and last with 8 seconds behind leader Arie Vos. Not a shame since the top teams have budgets 20 times more then me or even more. An other thing I have to explain is that on permanent circuits 40 riders will start in the SBK championship. But they choose not to start in Hengelo or Oss since they find Road Tracks dangerous………

After a long sunday night we had installed a new PCV, and welded the wires neatly. Thanks to my friends Hans and Jeroen for there help. Bank Holiday monday was raceday, which for me was a good practice race. Since I don’t do any other rounds of the championship. But racing so close to home saw alot of sponsors and friends around the track. After the start I found myself soon alone in the last place. And what I tried to prevent was getting lapped. But sadly that didn’t happen so fast was the pace of Arie Vos, Raymond Schouten and Chris Burns. Yes the ex MotoGP rider such is the quality of riders in it. I ended in 14th place but what was more important the bike rode perfect. So the next race in Chimay for the IRRC will see me again in the Top 10 for sure!

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