Winter experiences

Hello All,

It is halfway December now and soon the days are getting longer again! The racing season has ended a long time ago, at least for my feeling, and since then we haven’t been inactive.

First of all I was in an article about the UGP which was printed in a national motorcycle magazine. That gave me some good publicity and some new attention also. Below you can view a piece of the article.

I also have been working on a new portofolio to get some new sponsorship, and I have been visiting people who already gave me support this year. This in order to thank them and to convince them to support me again in 2012. At the moment things are looking positive and it seems that we can start the new season in good shape. I am at the brink of closing a deal to get some new leathers/boots/gloves so that we look again sparkling fresh.

I have decided to only race on the FC Moore Honda 600 in 2012, and the trusty Kawasaki ZX10R is for sale now. That way I am sure that I have enough budget for 2012 and I hope to replace it with a 400cc machine. Riding the 600 only will get me better set up for my main goal namely racing at the ManxGP.  Having a 400 extra to enter the lightweight class would be even better since then I have twice as much practice time and 1 race extra. Besides the Manx we are racing at the Southern100 also and doing 4 out of the 5 rounds of the International Road Racing Championship.

Since fundraiser evenings here in the Netherlands are almost never done, no one is interested and will turn up, I have to look at other options to get in touch with people. So this sunday I will be guest for a travel company, at an information day for people who want to visit the IOM TT. Hopefully I can give them a good insight about road racing and to make them all excited to visit the event. In Februari both me and fellow dutch road racer Michael Hofman have a spot at the largest bike show in our country. So we can present ourselves as the only riders to race at the Isle of Man since ages. In 2003 Mathijs vd Wal was the latest who raced at the TT and a Dutch rider who last raced at the ManxGP I don’t have any clue? If anyone knows I would love to hear that, cause I tried to find out at the ManxGP site but haven’t succeded yet. Then it will be March soon again and I am trying to get a weekend over to the IOM to do some sighting laps of the mountain course. And also to ride some laps with the FC Moore Honda again.

So to end for now I wish everyone happy holidays and a healthy new year!

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