Spring time blues

Hello All,

It is March already and the new season is just around the corner. I am glad to to be able to confirm that we have our budget somewhat sorted for this year. I can race the FC Moore Honda CBR600 at all events that I intented to do this year. Highlight of it will be the ManxGP and Southern100 races at the Isle of Man. I have send in the entry forms for both events but as it looks I guess we wil be allowed to start. For the ManxGP I have applied also for a ‘mountain course’ licence which is necessary. Luckily I calculated right and did the required 6 races already last year, so no stress at coming events. So these last few weeks have been busy with filling in entry forms and lots of email contacts and sorting out that everything was filled in correctly. Looked more of an accountant then a road racer..

I hope to sell the Kawasaki ZX10R soon now, because I need the money as a budget to be able to purchase a 400cc 4stroke motorcycle. This will enable me to enter the lightweight race at the ManxGP. But more importantly will give me each practice evening a second practice besides the 600. Which will gain me double tracktime what is very helpfull to learn the course. I have been watching on board laps on TV the whole winter already but nothing beats the real thing! So if there is anyone out there with an raceready 400 and willing to have me let a go on it at the Manx. I would be very gratefull indeed.

In the build up to august I will race again in 2 events of the International Road Racing Championship. Due to lack of funds I won’t be riding the whole championship, but with 44 riders entered from 7 nations it is becoming at a very high standard. And will get me well and truly warmed up for the Southern100.

Last week I have been trying out some new raceoveralls and a new all black one from HELD is underway. Together with new boots and gloves from alpinestars we will look fresh and clean at the start.

So to finish this off I would like to wish everyone a safe and joyfull racing season ahead!

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One Response to Spring time blues

  1. trevor warnock says:

    All the best for the new season Peter, hope to meet up with you somewhere along the way.

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