IRRC round 2 Hengelo (NL)

Dear reader,

On ascencionday we travelled towards the east of our country for my First race event of 2012. When we arrived at the paddock we were welcomed by Colin Moore who had setup his awning also.
Friday was scheduled for 2 free practice sessions. This was very welcome since I hadn’t been on a motorcycle since last September. So these first meters on board were well used to get rid of the winter rust. In the second session I already rode the same lap times as in last year’s races, so we were very pleased.

On Saturday we had 2 timed practices to set a qualification time for the starting grid. There were 39 entrants but because of the width of the track only 30 riders are allowed to start in a race! So we had ourselves a task to perform because most riders ride on SBK machinery instead of the SSP I am riding. With a best time of 1:59.5 I qualified in 27th position.

Sunday welcomed us with some great weather again, a clear blue sky and + 20 degr Celsius. At 12:30 I lined up on the startgrid, in the middle of row 11 for a 12 lap race. After a good start in which I gained quite a lot of places, I was passed again by some SBK riders. In the end I finished in 24th place, the 4th ssp rider. Almost on the rostrum, since the first 3 600cc riders have a separate podium as well.
Near 15:30 is the start of the 2nd race and this time again I have a good start. Similar to the First race I lose some places to SBK machinery, which can easily accelerate out of the corners. I improve my lap time to a 1:58.02 and have a good duel with a German SSP rider. I cross the line in front of him in 20th position. This time the 5th rider with a 600cc bike.

So a very pleasant start of the season, which promises a lot for the next races. The next event is in the Harbor of Bremerhaven, a new circuit for me. So we will see how we get on there. It gives me the chance also to test out the ZXR400 that I got 2 weeks ago. It is to be used at the ManxGP to get some valuable extra practice time.

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