Southern 100 (IOM)

In the week from 9 till 12th of July the “Friendly races” were held at the billown track near Castletown on the Isle of Man. It was my debut at this venue and just like everyone told it was a friendly race…

Lots of spectators, well organised and perfectly run. So after a few short 15 min practices we found out that this track was very bumpy in places. And so we were not really on the pace needed to get qualified well. So I just ended up in the 600 race on Wednesday on the last row. But together with the pro’s or the creme de la creme of road racing as it was stated in the press release. We ended up in 25th position.

On thursday and raceday I was set in the 600cc B race, but on front row! So that gave me a new task, trying to get on the podium at least. After a good start we took the front and just nailed it for the following 8 laps. So I crossed the finish as the winner with a 7 sec. margin. My first rostrum ever and then a win was very special indeed.


The senior consolation race was a good one also. After a good battle with Dave Woolams and Paul Gartland (both on 1000cc bikes) we just missed a podium again to get a 4th place. With the little Kawa 400 we experienced some small problems. in the first race I got a great tank slapper and so my clip ons were moved. Which made riding all the more difficult and we rode to the finish in a top 15 position I believe. The 2nd race saw a good start but then when I turned in cross4ways the engine stopped. I tried to restart the bike to no effect. After standing on the sidelines for a few laps and i tried to start again. Which it did imediately. So we have to do  some checks before the ManxGP.

A great weeks racing in the end..!


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