Chimay (B)

23/24 July road races were held in Chimay which counted for the Belgian Championship and the IRRC. A street circuit with history where since the beginning of the previous century races were organised!

The weather forecast was changeable and that would especially be on Saturday. I had a total of 4 practices to enter, 2 times Belgian SSP and 2 x IRRC. And eventually we had only 1 half training under dry conditions … However the 2nd IRRC training began during the wet … but quickly the track dried out. half of the field was on rain tires and I was out on the normal dry weather tyres … The time training was concluded on P15! In the Supersport class an 11th time was my result.

During the racing day the weather was perfect to race, a pleasant temperature and Sun. ..! The two races for the Belgian Kampionschap SSP were very good. Especially the starts of the races were super. In the Supersport class where everyone is on 600cc machines I earned an 8th place twice. During the 1st race for the IRRC I got brake problems and as a result I fell many places backwards. A disappointing place in the top 30 was the end result.
For the 2nd race I checked the front brakes again and noticed that the brake calipers showed small cracks/breaks in it. Therefore it was decided to not start for safety reasons.
In the intermediate position of the championship, I am now on a 26th place despite missing 1 event.


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