IRRC Frohburg (Ger)

During the weekend of 22/23 september the last round of the International Road Racing Championship was held in Frohburg (former east germany). Because I missed 2 rounds of the championship my chances of a high position were gone. But still it is a well run event and since it would be the last race of the season also a last time we would see many friends before a long winter.

During the practice sessions I noticed that the fact that I had raced at the ManxGP just before made this circuit look like a carpark! And because the track has a few straights with 90 degrees corners at the end I had a disadvantage on the 1000cc SBKs. So I ended up in 24th position. On the raceday I had a good start in the 1st leg but a crash in front of me at the 4th corner cost me many places. I had to take avoiding actions and ran of track. During the next laps I gained a few places but during an outbrake manouvre I lossed the front on a little wet patch. So I slided of track and that was my race over and out. Luckily I was ok and the bike had minor damage.

The 2nd leg was at the end of the beautiful sunny day and after a resonable start I found myself in a little group of riders. I ran a nice and steady race and crossed the line in 23th position. Because of this I ended up in a 28th place in the championship. Full details can be viewed here.

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