Januari update

Hello all,

Despite the fact that the country is under a white layer of snow, the preparations for the upcoming race season are already in full swing. The budget begins to take shape and so we are finalizing our plans.

Events that I will ride for sure are the NW200 and UlsterGP. I will make my debut at the NW200 and look forward to have a go at the triangle circuit. I would also like to race a few national races in Ireland. Mid Antrim and Armoy are planned already.  Other races are depending on the financial budget.

This year I will ride with 2 other bikes then last year. Firstly Niklas Pfeiffer has built a supertwin based on a Kawasaki ER6. With a weight of 150 kg and just short of 100 bhp it will be a competitive bike. Last weekend I acquainted myself with the machine in Germany. On the 4th April we have booked a track day for practice and to fine tune the handling and suspension of the bike.


Also, I have a Yamaha R6, to race in the Supersport class during the NW200. But I am still searching for a bike to ride the other races on. 

In February TV channel ITV will broadcast a documentary about the ManxGP called ‘Grand Prix Racer. It has been filmed during the 2012 races. I’ve been the lucky one to have seen a preview of it already. I am featured in it several times also.  So keep a look out for the showing dates.

So 2013 is looking to become a good race year with several new challenges and experiences. I would like to thank everyone for the support given. Of course, more assistance and financial support is very welcome. Enquiries how can be made via email > twintriple@gmail.com

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