NW200 epilogue

> Hello followers, dear supporters

This time a small report by me from my participation at the North West 200. In collaboration with Moto73 a Dutch motorcycle magazine they made a report about me, this is posted on the media page. I know it is difficult to read for you all but Google translate might help.

Also there is the interview that was printed in Motor Magazine a few weeks ago, so all in all good promotion for me in the media this last month.

My NW200 can be summarized in;

  • It’s a long trip to Northern Ireland (4 ferry crossings and 3000km in total) but one that is more than worth it.
  • The NW200 is indeed a very big international event, where all the top riders participate. Many riders and teams are fully factory supported.
  • With the above bullet then my connection in times and results is quite good. On a very tight budget.


With a 26th and 29th place in the Supersport where my R6 is virtually bog standard, not too bad. And a disappointing 18th place in the supertwin class is not that bad. The ER6 supertwin runs fine and on

Top speed and power it can measure itself with the top ones. Only I in the 1st race I opted to ride with a 45 rear sprocket with the heavy wind. This was at the expense of top speed which I lost out to the front runners. In the 2nd race I wanted to race with a 44 rear so we got more top speed like the top 10 riders. Unfortunately this competition day washed out because of the rain, but Though a very fair decision of the race officials to cancel the races. I feel sorry for all the spectators who turned up without seeing a race but that is Mother Nature and we can’t do anything about it.

 IMAG0338 - kopie

Now, we are preparing for the 2nd trip to Ireland at the end of July. I have opted not to race this weekend in Belgium at the IRRC meeting. I need to buy new raintyres, my set was ruined at the dry/wet race on Thursday. And the tyrewarmers burned through on the grid on Saturday morning. So not expected costs in our budget. At the UlsterGP mid-August I can resume the sportive battle with almost all the same riders. And I hope to achieve some better results then. In preparation before we will do 2 smaller Irish national races at the Armoy and Mid-Antrim meetings.

Kind Regards

Peter Heijmans

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One Response to NW200 epilogue

  1. Matt says:

    Glad to see you managed to squeeze in an extra trip to Ireland (Ref:Biker.ie) for the Skerries roadraces. By all accounts we’re going to have good weather this time! Hope you have a great weekend & I’ll be sure to cheer for you on circuit.

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