Luck of the Irish

While I am posting this, practice for the worlds fastest road race (UlsterGP) are well underway. I should have been there out on track but sadly this is not the case. I therefore wish everyone competing a safe race and anyone going to watch a nice viewing day of great racing this Saturday!

The fact that I am not riding at Dundrod is because I had a big off at the Mid Antrim meeting on the 3rd of august. After a good 13th position in the open race, against bigger SBK machinery earlier in the morning. I made headstart in the 2nd wave of riders and was leading this group. I wanted to make a gap between the other riders behind me and so came into this ‘s’ bend called Elders a bit faster then usual. As an result I ended up in the grass verge beside the road on the exit of the corner. There I have hit a ditch or have run straight into a small wall/hedge. The bike came to a halt there imedeately and I was thrown over it and landed on my back and slid along the road. Luckily I could stand up myself and after a check up there seemed nothing to have broken. I just was smashed up and bruised. More then a week later now there a very large blue/yellow spots appearing and all of my ribs are still sore and bruised. So I am not in a good condition to have been able to achieve some good results at the UGP.

So gladly we still have the pictures from Alexanders as a memory. First I would like to thank Davey McCarthney and Seamus Dobbin plus the Mid Antrim club for the great support and organising a very well run event. I also got an invitation to visit the major of Ballymena on the friday morning. Together with some other foreign riders we were kindly welcomed by her and given an audience with some tea. The course showed me that racing the Irish nationals is something completely different and that U could do with some Motocross experience. The roads are so bumpy and uneven that the bike is not one time at rest. The remains of the R6 have now already been sold and I have paid the owner of it the remaining money. So this has left me without a bike and no budget anymore for this remaining season. We will have time enough now to see what we can arrange for next year and if we can continue racing in 2014.

A week before on the 27th of July the Armoy race meeting was held. Under good weather conditions lots of top riders had entered for the races. After the usual friday morning scruteneering and a newcomers briefing including a busride around the track. Later in the afternoon my first laps could be made. A great track also with a massive 6th gear jump on the back section. With ever improving times I was confident that we could have some good races. The open race was first and again I set myself up between some faster SBK machines. Only at the first lap a rider in front of me got his knee into the dirt which lifted up a stone. That endend up on my screen and shoulder and upseting me a bit. My screen was cracked, but I resumed my ritm and finished in a steady 22nd place.


I taped up the screen with ductape and soon after was out on the startgrid for the supersport race again. With ever improving laptimes and me getting to grips with the bumpy track conditions we ended up in 18th position. Because the clerk of the course decided to bring down the numbers of riders from 27 to 18 on saturday morning. This meant that I could not start in the Grand Final race as I only had qualified in 23rd place on friday. So despite a big crash at around 200 kmh, I am still in one piece. So I had some luck of the Irish and I’m still able to make some new plans. I would like to thank everyone who helped us out and all the new friends we have made on this trip. THANKS!

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