# 75 Friendship

# 75 Friendship is for fans, friends and interested people who want to support Peter. Racing at his level is an expensive sport, and his team tries to complete their financial budget all the time. With the help of “donations” it is possible to improve himself even more and to get better results. And you can also help with a gift via Paypal !

If you also want to contribute to the racing activities of Peter then you are very welcome. And how much is up to you. This can be in the form of money, but also a jerry can of petrol or gasoline is very welcome. Or how about a meat dish for the BBQ during a race event? In short, even the simplest things are necessary and helpful during a race event.

What do you get in return?

– Your name will be listed on this website and on a promo board in the paddock.

– You will receive race reports after each event

– You are welcome for a cup of tea at all events

– You will receive a personal thank you by Peter Heijmans

How do I become a member?

– By sending an email to Peter Heijmans he will inform you how we could arrange your membership.

Thanks to all those of you who have become a friend: without your support there is no way that Peter would be able to compete at all the meetings.

  • Roy Martens
  • Niels van Venrooij
  • Bart & Isolde van der Laan
  • Bert van der Woude

2 Responses to # 75 Friendship

  1. Bart van der Laan says:

    Peter wij (Isolde en Bart) willen graag je een donatie doen voor volgend seizoen .
    Wij zijn grote fans van het real road racen en aangezien jij daar als Nederlander in mee doet vinden we alleen maar gaaf.Graag je bankrekeningnr. en waar onder te vermelden voor het overmaken .

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Isolde en Bart van der Laan
    (tis gaut zo)


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