About Peter

After making his debut on the International Road Racing Scene in 2009. Netherlands only “Real Road Racer” Peter Heijmans aims to challenge the very best. Since then he has specialised himself in racing on road circuits and he tries to get the best results as possible. In 2012 Peter finished in 4th place of the newcomers A race at the ManxGP and  won the supersport B race at the Southern100. For 2013 he hopes to make his name more familiar in the British Isles. And to be one of the best non English-speaking riders.

Peter raced in the International Road Racing Championship (www.irrc.eu) from 2010 till 2012. This new championship has 5 rounds all held on Road Circuits, with 2 races per event.  The riders are from all parts of Europe, so it is a real International championship. With many high profile riders taking part in it Peter finished 13th in this championship in 2011.

Peter has raced in many high profile events throughout Europe like the UlsterGP, ManxGP, Southern 100, Scarborough, Horice, Terlicko, Schleiz, Frohburg, Bremerhafen, Hengelo, Chimay to name a few.

All in all this coming year has an exciting and full calendar, which has been made possible by his existing loyal and new sponsors. Of course extra help or funds are always welcome to back-up his professional and mature approach to his racing.  With the aim to get up to speed and get an entry for the IOM TT races in 2014.

Peter Heijmans hopes to see you at one of the races!


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